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Links to information and commentary about the family of

Wilhelm Westhues (1848-1921) and Theresia Peters (1860-1926),

and about Theresia Peters's mother and brothers

Kenneth Westhues, Professor Emeritus, University of Waterloo
October 2018


Westhues family tree, by J. Y. Miller

Why the Westhues family immigrated

Westhues family love story, by J. Y. Miller

SS Kaiser Wilhelm II, the ship on which the family came to America, webpage by Norway-Heritage

Photos of Wilhelm and Theresia and their children

Maps showing locations of the Westhues farms in Missouri

Boone's Lick Literature — history of the town and region in Missouri where Wilhelm and Theresia settled

Photo of the first St. Mary's Church, Glasgow, Mo., built 1866

Financial account of the new St. Mary's Church, 1914

Photo of seven surviving sons and one daughter, 1932

Photo of six surviving sons and one daughter, 1956

Uncle Henry's Public Life— biographical essay about Judge Henry J. Westhues

How Uncle Henry upstaged the outbreak of World War I

John and Olive Westhues — brief description of their family

Prairie Fire: Autobiography of Olive Conran Westhues, 1992 — description of book and excerpt from it

Prairie Fire, 2017 — 40-minute biopic by Kevin Westhues, based on the book by Olive Conran Westhues

Rev. Joseph G. Westhues (1884-1938) — photo and biographical information

Photo of Rev. John H. Westhues with his great-uncles, Revs. John and Fritz Peters, 1948

In the summer of '62 — memoir of Monsignor John H. Westhues

(new in 2018) First visits back to the Westhues homeplace in Münsterland, 1952, 1958, 1971

(new in 2019) Sister Mary's visit to the Westhues homeplace in Münsterland, 1986


Theresia Peters and her sons — Catholic colonists — essay on Theresia Dilkaute Peters and the five sons who immigrated to America

Beware the Missouri Backwoods — letters home from seminarians Fritz and John Peters, Theresia Westhues's brothers, 1894-1900

The great trek, Glasgow to Glennonville, 1906

Postcard from Colorado, Fritz Peters to his brother George, 1912

The Founding of Glennonville, by Rev. Frederick (Fritz) Peters

The History of Glennonville, by Rev. John H. Westhues

Souvenir Booklet, Golden Jubilee of Rev. John Peters, 1952

Ancestry of Theresia Dilkaute Peters, traced back to the 1700s, by Ken Stratman