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Historic photos of the
Westhues family
during its first quarter-
century in America,

Index of materials on the history of the
family of Wilhelm and
Theresia Westhues





Assembled by Ken Westhues, 2021, with thanks to all the cousins who contributed scans of the original prints. Additional photos of the family's early years can be found as illustrations for various historical essays on this website. Click here for the index.


William G. (1881-1959) was the first child to marry. His bride was Emma Weber (1887-1952). They lived all their lives on a farm east of the homeplace. They had seven children: William J., Henry, Edwin, Joseph, Agnes, Martha, and Francis.


Theodore (1880-1967), the eldest child, married Helena Moorman (1884-1980), who had come from St. Louis as housekeeper for her uncle, Father John Waelterman, pastor of St. Mary's. Their attendants were his sister Mary and (best guess) Lena's brother. Theodore and Lena lost their first two children in infancy. Five survived to adulthood: Theodore, Jr. (Ted), Raymond, Norbert, Mary and Rita. The family farm was north of the homeplace.


Henry (1888-1969), the fourth child, left home in his teens to study law. He was City Attorney in Jefferson City when he wed Helen Roer (1893-1973). Attendants were Helen's sister, Marie Elizabeth, and Ben. Henry and Helen had seven children: Rosemary, Marie (Bebe), John (Jack), Marjorie (Sr. Joan Cordis), Jane, Elaine, and Marilyn.


Ben (1890-1988), the last child born in Germany, married Viola Heddinghaus (1901-1990) of Moberly. Their first farm was just north of the homeplace, then they moved to a farm near Moberly. They had five children: Berniece, Walter, Bernard, Cecelia (Sr. Anita Marie), and Katherine. Ben was the longest-lived of all Wilhelm and Theresia's children. He and Viola had almost seven decades together.


In the fall of this year, Wilhelm and Theresia's seventh child and second daughter, Mary (1893-1934), wed Joseph Flaspohler (1892-1959). At right are the bride's sister Anna and brother John. The flower girl may be Mary's niece Agnes (< W. G. & Emma). The attendants at left are probably relatives of the groom. Joe and Mary ran Sunrise Dairy on their farm east of Glasgow. Their six children were Mary Teresa, Joseph, Charles, Anastasia, James Edward, and Clarence.


The ninth child and third daughter, Anna (1898-1986) married Jule Oidtman (1898-1979). Attendants were her sister Mary and brother Fritz. After their farm in the Aholt bottom was lost to a flood, Jule and Anna moved to Jefferson City, had a grocery store there. They had seven children: Freda, Mildred (Bebe), Anna Marie, Nadine, Jewel Rae, Jerome, and Joan.


The eighth child, John (1895-1970), was the only one to marry outside the German Catholic community. His bride was Olive Conran (1902-2003), of Irish Catholic and English Protestant ancestry. They were married by Father Joe at his parish in St. Louis, since the family in Glasgow was still mourning Wilhelm's death the previous October. On their farm east of the homeplace, this couple had six children: John, Jr. (Buddy), James, Eugene, Dolores, Margie, and Kenneth.


Fritz (1901-1985), the youngest child, was the last to marry. His bride was Eulalia Himmelberg (1909-1995) of North Kansas City, where Father Joe performed the ceremony at St. Patrick's Church. Fritz and Eulalia bought the homeplace from his parents' estate and raised their eight children there: Frederick, Lois, Harold, Joanne, Genevieve (Jenny), David, Jacquie, and Teresa.

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