The Detenuring of an Eminent Professor: a Personal Story
by Professor X

From Mellen Press in 2009, a riveting account of academic mobbing

"... in the same class as Philip Roth's The Human Stain, Richard Russo's Straight Man, Kingsley Amis's Lucky Jim, and Francine Prose's Blue Angel — funny, gruesome, well-told tales of academic grievance. The difference is that this excruciating tale is true." — cover blurb by Kenneth Westhues, University of Waterloo.

"... a must read for scholars who feel they have been or are currently being mobbed in their respective workplaces. This is an excellent resource for union officials, counselors, and anyone else finding them in a place where they are dealing with the victims of mobbing. I commend it to each and every one." — Mike Jones, Christian Book Reviews.

The Second Hector Hammerly Memorial Lecture
on Academic Mobbing
November 5, 2008
University of Waterloo
Sponsored jointly by the Department of Sociology,
the Centre for Responsible Citizenship at St. Jerome's,
and a bequest from the estate of Hector Hammerly

Hugo A. Meynell, FRSC

Professor of Religious Studies,
University of Calgary, 1981-2001

How to Destroy a Don

Click here for the abstract and Meynell's bio. Click here for the intro by Kenneth Westhues.
Click here for the full text of Meynell's lecture.
Click here for a one-minute clip of Meynell describing what mobbing is — "a little holocaust." Click here for a one-minute clip of Meynell recounting a case — "went into their garage...."


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