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In late 2008, The Edwin Mellen Press published a new title in its series on workplace mobbing: The Anatomy of an Academic Mobbing, edited, with a lengthy introduction by Kenneth Westhues. The book includes the revised and fully annotated text of Joan Friedenberg's lecture in memory of Hector Hammerly, along with Hammerly's own posthumous essay on the circumstances of his ouster from Simon Fraser University. Click here for the publisher's webpage on the book, and follow the links to order your copy online.



The First Hector Hammerly Memorial Lecture
on Academic Mobbing
April 11, 2008
University of Waterloo
Sponsored jointly by the Department of Sociology
the Program in Peace and Conflict Studies,
and a bequest from the estate of Hector Hammerly

Joan E. Friedenberg
Florida Atlantic University

The Anatomy of an
Academic Mobbing

Click here for the abstract and Friedenberg's bio.

Click here for the pre-lecture slide show.

Click here for printed text of the first part of the lecture.

Click below for video clips of the five successive parts of the lecture:

Part One: Introduction, by Kenneth Westhues

Part Two: Composite of a mobbing case

Part Three: Characteristics of mobbing

Part Four: Development of research on mobbing

Part Five: Conclusion

Below: University of Waterloo, April 11, 2008. Joan Friedenberg with (left to right) Herbert Richardson, founder of the Edwin Mellen Press, Toronto journalist Philip Mathias, Mark Schneider, Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Southern Illinois University, and Kenneth Westhues, Professor of Sociology at Waterloo

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