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In alphabetical order, by author's surname. This webpage first published in August 2003, updated 2007.


Amis, Kingsley, Lucky Jim

Anonymous, A Campus Conspiracy

Barlow, Maude, and James Winter, The Big Black Book: The Essential Views of Conrad and Barbara Amiel Black

Baum, Gregory, Nationalism, Religion, and Ethics

Baum, Gregory, Karl Polanyi on Ethics and Economics

Beer, Edith Hahn, The Nazi Officer's Wife

Bly, Carol, Changing the Bully Who Rules the World

Bosco, Antoinette, Choosing Mercy

Buchan, Jane, Transformation in Canada's Deep South

Clarke, Tony, Silent Coup: Confronting the Big Business Takeover of Canada,

Davenport, Noa, Mobbing: Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace

Duffy, Maureen, and Len Sperry, Mobbing: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions (foreword to the book)

Frank, Thomas, and Matt Weiland, Commodify Your Dissent: Salvos from the Baffler

Garner, Helen, The First Stone

Girard, René, I See Satan Fall Like Lightening

Hart, William, Never Fade Away

James, William, "What Makes a Life Significant?" by William James

Klein, Naomi, No Logo

Kuttner, Robert, Everything for Sale: the Virtues and Limits of Markets

Land, Darian, The Teasdale Primer (for MBAs)

Lappé, Frances Moore, and Paul Martin Du Bois, The Quickening of America: Rebuilding Our Nation, Remaking Our Lives

Lee, D. B., Old Order Mennonites

Levine, Daniel S., Disgruntled: the Darker Side of the World of Work

Li, Peter S., The Making of Post-War Canada

Lewis, C. S., That Hideous Strength

Lotz, James, The Lichen Factor

Luttrell, William, Transforming Communities

MacAdam, Murray, et al., From Corporate Greed to Common Good

McEwan, Ian, Atonement

McMurtry, John, Unequal Freedoms: the Global Market as an Ethical System

McNamara, Robert S., In Retrospect: the Tragedy and Lessons of Vietnam,

McQuaig, Linda, The Cult of Impotence: Selling the Myth of Powerlessness in the Global Economy

Menzies, Heather, Whose Brave New World? The Information Highway and the New Economy

Namie, Gary, and Ruth Namie, Bullyproof Yourself at Work

Oliner, Samuel P., and Pearl M. Oliner, The Altruistic Personality: Rescuers of Jews in Nazi Europe

Prose, Francine, Blue Angel

Roberts, Wayne, and Susan Brandum, Get a Life!

Roth, Philip, The Human Stain

Russo, Richard, Straight Man

Schwartz, David B., Who Cares? Rediscovering Community

Sclove, Richard E., Democracy and Technology

Sennett, Richard, The Corrosion of Character: the Personal Consequences of Work in the New Capitalism

Shannon, James P., Reluctant Dissenter: an Autobiography

Simons, Robert G., Competing Gospels: Public Theology and Economic Theory

Stanford, James, Paper Boom: Why Real Prosperity Requires a New Approach to Canada’s Economy

Suzuki, David, and Holly Dressel, From Naked Ape to Superspecies

Tamney, Joseph B. Tamney, The Resilience of Conservative Religion

Teeple, Gary, Globalization and the Decline of Social Reform

Theobald, Robert, Reworking Success: New Communities at the Millennium

Thibeault, Thomas, Balto's Nose

Thompson, A. Frank, Love Songs of the Last Canadian

Williams, John, Stoner