{Published by the University of Waterloo administration on its website from March 1997 until the summer of 1998; published since July 2003 by Kenneth Westhues, Professor of Sociology, University of Waterloo, as part of the Documentary History of the UW Ethics Committee, 1982-1998.)


Letter from Kenneth Westhues
University of Waterloo Gazette, March 19, 1997
Professor Len Guelke's letter in the March 5 Gazette highlighted the four recommendations in the Canadian Association of University Teachers' lengthy report on this university in last November's CAUT Bulletin. The first recommendation was that the restriction imposed on my teaching three years ago be lifted immediately.

These restrictions have now been lifted, according to a memorandum I received from Department Chair Ron Lambert on March 3. The next day I received a letter from President Downey saying he hopes "there is now a basis for reconciliation and a new beginning."

Let our new day begin with lots of good will, and with attention all across the university to CAUT's three further recommendations. Even the Queen was expressing concern last week about proper use of the Internet, and by now there is awareness on all sides of the need for revision of our ethics and faculty grievance policies.

Kenneth Westhues