Kenneth Westhues, Department of Sociology, University of Waterloo

Note, September 2006: This list is reasonably complete for the 1990-2002 period, but incomplete for the 1980s. The list includes nothing pre-1983 or post-2002. Most of my publications since 2002 can be accessed elsewhere on this website, mainly in the section on workplace mobbing in academe.

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"The Humanists: from Lineage to Dynasty," Keynote Address at the Eighth Annual Meeting of the Association for Humanist Sociology, Hartford, Connecticut.


"Becoming Rootless by Degrees," Address in the Sixth Annual Arts Lecture Series, University of Waterloo.

"On Trying Not to Be a Kierkegaardian Professor," Presentation at the Tenth Annual Meeting of the Association for Humanist Sociology, Atlanta, Georgia.


"Schooling and Sin: Doctor Faustus in the Modern University," Address in the National Colloquium, Ohio Wesleyan University.

"Toward Sexual Equality: Reflections following the Murder of Roberta Chafe," Address in the Distinguished Lecturer Series, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown.


"Building Relationships Where People Are Real," Working Centre Newsletter, No. 24. This article, adapted from a colloquium given in March, 1988, in the Department of Sociology, University of Western Ontario, was also published in the UW Courier (October 1988), and has also been reprinted in other formats. An updated version was published in 1998.

"Signs of Spring," Society, newsletter of the Canadian Association for Sociology and Anthropology (February), pp. 22-24. Talk given at King's College, University of Western Ontario, at the inauguration of its Honours Programme in Sociology, Dec., 1989.

"Teachers, Trees, and Social Change," Keynote Address to the teachers and administrators of the London-Middlesex Separate School Board on their professional development day, April 17.

Review of Patricia Maguire, Doing Participatory Research, and Deborah Poff, Principles of Feminist Methodology, in FAUW Forum (January).


"Transcending the Textbook World," Teaching Sociology 19 (January), pp. 87-92.

Conference Reactor for Symposium III, "After the Blishen Report," sponsored by the Institute for Catholic Education, Toronto, May; edited versions of the three interventions appear on pp. 7-8, 14-15, and 19-20 of the proceedings booklet, published by the Institute.

"Introduction," pp. 1-5 to Hien Tran, Ngoc I Was, Pearl I Am, Tran's volume of photographs of Amerasians in the U.S.A. and Vietnam, from his exhibition in the Boston Public Library, 1990. Tran had dedicated the exhibition to Westhues, as author of First Sociology (1982).


Editor, contributor of introduction and postscript, Olive Conran Westhues, Prairie Fire (Waterloo, Ont.: K. & A. Westhues, Publishers).

"Religion und Umwelt," Geschichte und Gegenwart 10 (No. 2), pp. 134-47. Revision of a public lecture at Universität Graz on 2 December 1991. An English version was published in 1993, in W. E. Hewitt, ed., The Sociology of Religion: a Canadian Focus (Butterworths), pp. 195-211.


Ancestry, History, and Personal Identity (Waterloo, Ont.: K. & A. Westhues, Publishers). The second edition of a course manual published for use in a course of the same title, taught at Waterloo since 1984.

Review of W. Chadwick, Battle for Berlin, Ontario, in FAUW Forum (December).

Editor and contributor of commentary, Sis Marg: the Letters of Margie Westhues Boschert to her Younger Brother (Waterloo, Ont.: K. & A. Westhues, Publishers, 308 pp.).

(joint editor with Eileen Leonard, Vassar College, and Hermann Strasser, Universität Duisburg) In Search of Community (New York: Fordham University Press). This Gedenkschrift in memory of Werner Stark concludes with essay by Westhues, "The Twinkling of American Catholic Sociology," pp. 220-244.

"Yucatan: Palm Trees, Delightful Dives, Rare Ruins, and a Big Dollop of Commercial Culture," Kitchener-Waterloo Record (December 17), pp. C1-2.


"Catholic Schools and Canadian Social Trends," Grail (March/June), pp. 169-186.

"Demographics," pp. 198-203 in Dreams, Dilemmas, Decisions (Ottawa: National Office of Religious Education of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops).

"A Tree Falls in Westvale," Good Work News (Issue 38, September), p. 8.


The Working Centre: Experiment in Social Change (Kitchener, Ont.: Working Centre Publications, 127 pp.). The first half is a revision of an invited presentation at the conference on "Community, Modernity and Religion: Eurocentric/Aboriginal Dialogue" held at St. Thomas More College, University of Saskatchewan, June 25-27. The second half consists of edited selections from others' writings.

Review of P. Beyer, Religion and Globalization, in Sociology of Religion (September).


"Reginald Bibby's Preference for the Market Model in the Sociology of Religion," The Ecumenist 3 (January-March), pp. 5-8. A revision of a paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Association for the Sociology of Religion, Washington, D.C., August 19, 1995.

The Risks of Personal Injury in Liberal Education: a Warning to Students. Booklet, 16 pp. Self-published for classroom use. Published on the web by John Mueller, University of Calgary, in 2000.

Review of Gregory Baum, Karl Polanyi on Ethics and Economics, and W. Roberts and S. Brandum, Get a Life!, in Catholic New Times, 1 December.

Review of Heather Menzies, Whose Brave New World? The Information Highway and the New Economy, in Catholic New Times, September 22.

Review of Forrest Gump and Mr. Holland's Opus (films) in Catholic New Times, July 7.

Review of Richard E. Sclove, Democracy and Technology, and F. M. Lappé and P. M. Du Bois, The Quickening of America, in Catholic New Times, May 26.

Review of Gary Teeple, Globalization and the Decline of Social Reform, in Catholic New Times, January 7.

Review of R. G. Simons, Competing Gospels: Public Theology and Economic Theory, in Catholic New Times, March 17.

Review of Samuel P. Oliner and Pearl M. Oliner, The Altruistic Personality: Rescuers of Jews in Nazi Europe, in Catholic New Times, April 28.


Review of Robert Theobald, Reworking Suiccess: New Communities at the Millennium, and of Jane Buchan, Transformation in Canada's Deep South, in Catholic New Times, 18 June.

Review of Carol Bly, Changing the Bully Who Rules the World, in Catholic New Times, 30 March.

Review of Robert McNamara, In Retrospect: the Tragedy and Lessons of Vietnam, and Frank Thompson, Love Songs of the Last Canadian, in Catholic New Times, 9 February.

Review of E. Meyers, From Slavery to Social Partnership, in Good Work News, September.

Review of R. Kuttner, Everything for Sale: the Virtues and Limits of Markets, and Peter Li, The Making of Post-War Canada, in Catholic New Times, 21 September.

Review of T. Clarke, Silent Coup: Confronting the Big Business Takeover of Canada, 30 November.


“Sense of Community Strengthens K-W,” The Record (19 September).

"Building Relationships Where People Are Real," Good Work News (Issue 54, September), pp. 1, 4-5. A revised and updated version of a 1990 article of the same title.

“Eliminating Presidents and Professors,” keynote address at the Annual Meeting of the Missouri Sociological Association, Osage Beach, November; same lecture at Westminister College, November. Summary published in the Missouri Sociological Association Newsletter 12 (spring 1999), pp. 2-3.

Review of M. Barlow and J. Winter, The Big Black Book, in Catholic New Times, 8 March.

Review of David Schwartz, Who Cares? Rediscovering Community, in Catholic New Times, 31 May.

Review of Linda McQuaig, The Cult of Impotence: the Myth of Powerlessness in the Global Economy, in Catholic New Times, 28 June.

Review of T. Frank and M. Weiland, eds., Commodify Your Dissent, and W. Luttrell, Transforming Communities, in Catholic New Times, 13 September.

Review of J. McMurtry, Unequal Freedoms: the Global Market as an Ethical System, in Catholic New Times, 25 October.

Review of D. Levine, Disgruntled: the Darker Side of the World of Work, in Catholic New Times, 2 Dec.

Eliminating Professors: a Guide to the Dismissal Process. Lewiston, Queenston, Lampeter: Edwin Mellen Press, for the Robert Kempner Collegium, 220 pp.


Review of J. P. Shannon, Reluctant Dissenter: an Autobiography, in Catholic New Times, 26 December.

Review of J. Stanford, Paper Boom: Why Real Prosperity Requires a New Approach to Canada’s Economy, in Catholic New Times, 17 October.

Review of R. Sennett, The Corruption of Character: the Personal Consequences of Work in the New Capitalism, in Catholic New Times, 23 May.

Review of M. MacAdam et al., From Corporate Greed to Common Good, and J. Lotz, The Lichen Factor, in Catholic New Times, 14 February.

"Mobbing, Bullying, and Workplace Nastiness," (commentary on six books), Good Work News (Issue 58, September), p. 10-11.

"If the Market Is Not God, What Is?" paper presented in the symposium on John McMurtry’s Unequal Freedoms, Annual Meeting of the Canadian Philosophical Association, Sherbrooke, June. Presented in absentia by Frank Cunningham.

“Producerism: a Real-Life Example,” Good Work News (Issue 56, March).

(with R. Dubinski, J. Mancini, D. Eaton, and E. Ostrander) “Report of the Working Committee of Citizens for the Preservation of Local Communities,” presented orally to the municipal councils of Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge, Woolwich, and Waterloo Region; summarized in an op-ed in The Record, “Waterloo Region is OK,” June 16.

“Evil is everywhere: however noble the intentions, it’s time for NATO to stop bombing Serbia,” The Record (28 April).

"Teachers leave a legacy:the best inspire their students, the worst belittle them,” The Record (11 December).

“A Test of the Biopolitics Hypothesis,” Sexuality & Culture 3 (volume title: The Politics of Sexuality): 69-100. Abstract available online.


"Beyond Liability: a Role for Responsible Management," address at Workplace Bullying 2000: Redefining Harassment, the First U.S. National Conference, organized by Gary and Ruth Namie, Oakland, CA, 27-28 January 2000.

"An 1868 Example of Missouri Talk: the Pritchett-Sweeney Debate," Boone's Lick Heritage 8, No. 1, March 2000, pp. 10-14.

Interviews on workplace mobbing and University of Waterloo politics reported in Philip Mathias, "Professors Meet Their Waterloo," National Post, 11 March 2000. Accessible in Canadian Virtual News Library.

"Breaking Stereotypes in Nazi Germany," review of Edith Hahn Beer with Susan Dworkin, The Nazi Officer's Wife, in Catholic New Times, 2 April 2000.

"Criticism or Compromise?" review of Naomi Klein, No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies, in Catholic New Times, 11 June 2000.

Interview on workplace mobbing, reported in Karen Lowry Miller, "They Call It Mobbing," Newsweek, international edition, 6 August 2000.


"The Difficult Professor: a Pernicious Concept," critique prepared, in collaboration with Noa Davenport, Hector Hammerly, Heinz Klatt, and John Mueller, for the Canadian Association of University Teachers Legal Conference, 2-3 March 2001, Ottawa.

"Workplace fears of murder fed by media propaganda," The Record, 17 February 2001. Accessible in Canadian Virtual News Library.

"SAFS and the Darker Forces," Newsletter of the Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship, No. 29, September 2001, pp. 1-3.

"The Individual and the Group," Good Work News, Issue 66, September 2001.

"Cruel Hoax of Capital Punishment," review of Antoinette Posco, Choosing Mercy, in Catholic New Times, 3 June 2001.

"Something to Read When the Sky is Falling," review of David Suzuki and Holly Dressel, From Naked Ape to Superspecies, in Catholic New Times, 23 September 2001.

"Against the Crowd Mentality," review of René Girard, I See Satan Fall Like Lightning, in Catholic New Times, 16 December 2001.

Review of Daniel B. Lee, Old Order Mennonites, requested by International Review of Modern Sociology for fall 2001.

"Of Arbitration, Litigation, and Snowball Fights," FAUW Forum, No. 106, March 2001, p. 9.

Letter about professors requiring students to write letters to the editor, Imprint, 30 March 2001.

Letter about grievance arbitration at the University of Waterloo, FAUW Forum, No. 107, April 2001.

Interview about city and community, reported in Cambridge Reporter, 16 June 2001. Accessible in Canadian Virtual News Library.

Interview on workplace mobbing, reported in Philip Mathias, "Standing Up to the Mob," National Post, 26 January 2001. Accessible in Canadian Virtual News Library.


"Abuse in the Workplace: Part II, Workplace Mobbing," UW Staff News, February/March 2002, pp. 3-4

"Postmodernism, Political Correctness, and the Attacks of September 11," Panel presentation at the Tenth Anniversary Meeting of the Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship, University of Western Ontario, 4 May 2002.

"Ethically Acceptable Nationalism," review of Gregory Baum, Nationalism, Religion, and Ethics, in Catholic New Times, 2 June 2002.

Review of Joseph B. Tamney, The Resilience of Conservative Religion, in Canadian Journal of Sociology Online, July-August 2002.

"To Appease or Not," in memory of Richard Henshel (1938-1997), presentation at the international conference, "Academic Freedom and Intellectual Pluralism: U.S. and Canadian Perspectives," Medaille College, Buffalo, NY, 20-21 September 2002.

"The Mobbings at Medaille College in 2002," analysis written for the Board of Trustees, Medaille College, Buffalo, New York, and others involved in the conflict at that college, October 2002; published on the website of the New York Cconference of the AAUP, November 2002.

"At the Mercy of the Mob,"a summary of research on workplace mobbing published in OHS Canada 18 (December 2002), pp. 30-36.

"Sociology for a New Century: Mackenzie King's First Career," Ch. 11, pp. 186-210 in John English, Kenneth McLaughlin, and P. Whitney Lackenbauer, eds., Mackenzie King: Citizenship and Community (Toronto: Robin Brass Studio, 2002).