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Anonymous student comments on SOC 459, Seminar in the Sociology of Work, taught by Kenneth Westhues in Spring 2007, at the University of Waterloo

I will say this honestly: at first I was not too sure about the course, but after taking it, it has been the best class I have taken throughout all of university. I loved how the class was structured and all the discussions. It would have been good if I was able to know where I was standing in terms of some kind of mark. I feel confident that I am doing well, but it would have been nice to know for sure.

Great course. Excellent instruction and material. A bit more structure or direction for assignments. There was a bit of confusion there. The smaller class size and Prof Westhues' commitment and passion for the material provided excellent learning oppoortunities and personal reflection on the subject.

It was great to be in such a small class. I loved the topics we discussed. I wish I got my grades before the end of the semester. Very good course. My first 400-level and I loved it. Thanks.

Excellent, I really enjoyed the course and the material. One of my favourite classes. Strength was ability to generate thought-provoking discussions. Need perhaps a more structured, laid out outline/requirements for the course.

The course was better than I thought it would be because of the detailed discussions. The books were cheap so I was able to buy them and read them. The small class size was very good.