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A sample of anonymous student comments on SOC 459, Seminar in the Sociology of Work, taught by Kenneth Westhues in Fall 2008, at the University of Waterloo

My favorite course this term. I learned a lot and wanted to do well. Weakness was not being assigned a topic for the essay. Essay was difficult to write.

Great. Wonderful teacher. Passionate and cares about his students.

Overall, I found this course to be very valuable. It was my first seminar course, and I expected it to be more overwhelming. Mr. Westhues creates a comfortable environment.

Engaging lectures. First text a great look into a professor's research and how it works. I felt connected to the prof of a class for once. Second text hard to apply. Could use more organization in lectures. Prefer a more structured course outline.

Very fun and insightful. Definitely I can use for future reference.

Great class! Enjoyed everything we learned. One of the best experiences in university. Mr. Westhues gives his students an opportunity to learn, and gives opinions about real-life work situations.

This course is very relaxing compared to the other seminar course I took. I don't feel nervous coming to class. The presentation of the material was well thought out. I really like the two books that we had to read. This is definitely one of the best courses I've taken at Waterloo.

Great. I would recommend this course to anyone.

Being able to listen to the personal stories provided by the professor was something that affected me, as near the middle to the end of the course, I was going through some personal issues. His stories were inspirational. Mr. Westhues, thank you sincerely. You have been an excellent professor who empowered us all.

Prof. Westhues knows the course materials very well and encourages students' discussion. Excellent!