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A sample of anonymous student comments on SOC 372, "Good and Evil in Social Relations," taught by Kenneth Westhues in Winter 2005, at the University of Waterloo

This course challenged me to really think about my perspectives on good and evil. Course readings were excellent.

Letters to the editor are a great idea to get class involved outside the classroom. Thought-provoking.

This class opened my mind to a lot of different opinions. It was an honour to have you as a professor. Best prof at UW.

Having not taken a course with Mr. Westhues prior, I find myself very lucky having had the opportunity to be taught by him.

Becker's book very hard to understand, definitely the hardest material to conceptualize in this course. It was great. Thank you, Mr. Westhues!

Diversity of the readings is a real strength. Good times.

Mr. Westhues was great. Every professor should have his personal attachment to the course material.

Amazing prof. This course went above and beyond.

A lot of required reading, especially for a class that meets only once a week. Very interesting course geared toward expanding our minds.

Even though I wasn't happy about having to do a presentation, I realize it was a great learning experience.

Thank you. Your courses 372 and 101 have been special experiences for me. I am forever grateful.

I really learned a lot from meaningful discussion with my peers. Thank you.

Fantastic. I would recommend it to anyone.

Strengths were the instructor, the presentations, the community involvement. One of the better courses I've taken, if not the best.

By far the best course I have taken so far, and probably the best one I will ever take.

Material covered in this course makes you think about the big picture: what is important. It is a nice change to put morality back into the classroom experience.

I really felt like I learned the material well by the way we were tested. Preparing was more beneficial than other methods of studying.

Mr. Westhues, I didn't agree with some of what you had to say, but nevertheless I appreciated your thoughts and ideas and your efforts and interest in the class. I am impressed with your humility and fairness. The course should fall more in philosophy than in sociology.

It taught me more than any soc course has, in that it taught me about life. I would recommend it to anyone.

It was a great course to end my university career on. Thank you.

Lots of emotion in this class. The only course I've taken where every class makes me profoundly think about truly important issues. Thanks so much for an awesome class.

Really, really thought-provoking.

Hard to describe, but it was one of the few courses that made an impact on me and that I will remember.

Best prof ever.

I honestly can say I've left this class with much more knowledge and openness.

Strength was the ability to create critical thinking in the student.