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A sample of anonymous student comments on SOC 372, "Good and Evil in Social Relations," taught by Kenneth Westhues in Winter 2003, at the University of Waterloo

I really enjoyed the presentations. They kept my interest. Enjoyed reading Hallie and Schwartz, didn't enjoy Browning. Yankelovich's book was relevant but not interesting.

The prof is the strength. His ideas and discussions were entertaining and thought-provoking.

Not enough structure. I realize the point is to let people learn what they will, but I was often confused about what I was supposed to be learning.

Good course, very interesting material. The instructor was personable.

Good, brought up important issues in the world.

Mr. Westhues was able to capture my attention for the entire class. The concepts led onto one another smoothly, no material seemed out of place.

Mr. Westhues presents the student with an experience unlike in any other classroom. He expects a level of trust with students, thus making them feel comfortable to express their opinions.

I enjoyed it thoroughly, looked forward to coming every week.

I didn't learn too much in this course.

A nice change from other classes, more interaction and relaxed atmosphere. I found the books helpful.

Very well done. I learned a lot about good and evil, and different perspectives on them.

Best professor I have had in my four years at this school. He had a passion for teaching that made his students passionate about learning.

The prof interacts with his students and provokes our interest. He is willing to let us debate, discuss, and question society and the world.

Excellent. Prof made atmosphere of class enjoyable, which facilitated learning and ekpt interest (tough to do these days with desensitized young adults).

Class presentations were beneficial in the learning experience and helped study for tests.

Excellent. Prof engaged students in a provocative manner.

One of the best courses I've taken. Interesting, in some ways abstract, definitely valuable.

This is the first soc course that hasn't disappointed me. The material and lecture style were very interesting. Westhues obviously loves teaching.

Excellent. Everybody should take this course.

It helped me with my everyday life. It got me thinking about my personal life.

I would recommend this course to friends, and have done so. It was the highlight of my week.

I don't like the word limit for the tests. At times I was so worried about going over that I didn't answer as well as I could have. I love Mr. Westhues' stories.

Ken Westhues is one of the best professors I have ever had. His teaching methods captivated me and for once I feel that I have learned something useful for life.

An excellent complement to my overall learning, and a great addition to my understanding of myself.