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A sample of anonymous student comments on SOC 241, "Sociology of Work," taught by Kenneth Westhues in Winter 2004, at the University of Waterloo

Very interesting and enticing. I liked the fact that he gave us questions prior to the exams; the take-home was actually fun and very interesting (different).

Professor Westhues does an amazing job of maintaining student interest. I have learned a great deal from the encouragement of independent thinking.

This course teaches us something new and different.

The strength of this course is that it contains a wide variety of teaching methods. The prof has a positive attitude toward the interests of the students.

The only inconvenience was that the class was held in downtown Kitchener, but it was a good experience at the same time.

Encourages you to figure out your own way and take a position.

I loved it.I surprised myself by wanting to attend (and actually attending) every lecture! Just a great course.

I really enjoyed this class; it will help me in the future in my work life.

The instructor was amazing; really interesting and had ability to maintain students' interest. Weakness is I don't like doing presentations, but other people's presentations were interesting to watch.

A hands-on look at the study of work. One of the best courses I've taken.

Professor Westhues is one of the best instructors I've had, and this course has been the most efficient and valuable use of my time and efforts. Having it offsite is really effective.

I learned a great deal about myself and the work situation in North America. Thanks!

The Working Centre is a great place to hold such a course, but it is very difficult to get there and the classroom is small, relative to the number of students enrolled.

Good course, strongly recommended.

Best class I have ever taken.

Mr. Westhues made every student feel important because he got to know all our names.

Excellent, but I didn't like the word limits.