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A sample of anonymous student comments on SOC 241, "Sociology of Work," taught by Kenneth Westhues in Spring 2005, at the University of Waterloo

Learned a lot, but way too much reading, articles too long.

Really enjoyed the content and real-life application. Professor seemed very enthusiastic, involved, approachable. One of my best courses yet.

Amazing. Westhues is the best prof ever and his teachings will remain with me forever. Thanks.

I didn't do so well in this course, but I always enjoyed your lectures!

Thought-provoking and useful in establishing critical thinking towards jobs and careers.

Great instructor, but some of the course readings were long and difficult to get through. Multiple-choice questions were also boring and difficult to get through.

I really enjoyed it -- that hasn't happened in years -- I actually never missed a class.

Very interesting course, it really opened my eyes to new ways of looking at the world of work. The course, especially concepts of reciprocity, balance, and the Working Centre, gave me hope for finding my vocation.

The "beyond bureaucracy" material is too one-sided to be presented in a large, 200-level class. I disagreed and found it painful to learn. The on-line readings should be put into a course package.

It was a very good course, probably the one that I have learned the most in, and actually retained the information.

This course is not for everyone. Instructor seems to be open to other opinions and views, even if they don't agree with his own.

Great. I would recommend this course along with the instructor to any UW student.

Topic was very boring. Lectures followed no organization. I found myself asleep most of the time.

Applies to real life, easy to follow, quality learning took place with the help of professor. Prof could have gone over some of the readings in more depth to make them clearer. Great way to end my university career. Thanks!

Fair. I liked the topics, but tests were difficult due to the multiple-choice part, and word-limited short answers.

Awesome professor. Overall, interesting content.

Loved it! Gave me some ideas about what I can base my honours thesis on.

Good course. You have to know what you are doing or you easily fail. The prof is good as well.

Would recommend this course to others, as it provides a number of interesting perspectives that are useful but not addressed in other courses.

Excellent. I have learned so much through terrific lectures, text, and on-line readings. Westhues is an asset that is rare at U of W.

Westhues was a great prof but I thought a majority of the readings were very advanced and difficult to get through. I also thought that word limits on the test made learning and preparing very difficult.

Prof is nice and talkative, but the course materials are kinda hard for me; overall the course is good.

Mr. Westhues is considerate and fair and refuses to wield his knowledge and expertise like a club to keep students in their place.

One of the best sociology classes I've taken in my three years at UW.

Phenomenal professor. You can tell this is his vocation and that he takes a great deal of interest in his students. I feel privileged to have been in his class and hope to take more of his courses in the future.

Excellent course, found it very relevant as I'm in the working world at the moment.

Material very useful, opens eyes to different outlooks on work. Would recommend course to anyone.

One of the best courses I've taken in the three years I've been at UW.

Some of the readings were very tough to understand. Instructor was great, by far the fairest I have ever had and the most caring. Thank you!

Great course! Definitely surpassed what I thought it was gonna be. I learned a lot of stuff that will be useful in the workforce.

Shouldn't have to print out articles, need to be in a courseware package. Essay was vaguely described. Decent course, but I don't think I would recommend it.

Too many readings. Overall good.

Professor Westhues has been my best prof in my 3 years at Waterloo. Great course.

Prof. Westhues is one of the best profs I have ever had at UW. I study leisure, and this course on work was able to give me huge insight into my major. I would recommend this course to anyone.