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A sample of anonymous student comments on SOC 209, "Ancestry, History, and Personal Identity," taught by Kenneth Westhues in Fall 2009, at the University of Waterloo

I have never been more satisfied with any course, than SOC 209. I actually learned something of value to myself. I really enjoyed how Prof. Westhues would relate any given material to his own life experiences, to enlighten us students. Do not change anything to the manual of the course, it's perfect.

More courses of this relevant and analytical nature should be present in the arts department. For the first time as a student, I feel I am learning and not regurgitating facts. A small text on sociological trends could be useful.

The course provides students with something beyond the value of credits. It allows students the opportunity to actively learn and interact with the content. The professor is both understanding and helpful. The course is able to motivate students to take initiative. Even though there are no penalties for missing class what so ever, students continue to show up.

Wonderful wonderful course. More time to finish the project would be nice but I recognize that this will likely be a project that carries over long after class is done.

Strength was the professor's enthusiasm. Refreshing spin to exploring ancestry. Great end project, very insightful.

The course is unlike any other in allowing students to situate themselves within their education and personal history. Wonderful course, should be advertised better throughout campus.

Very interesting course, great opportunity for one to see his or her part in history. You see the effect of the political and economic situation of your country on your life patterns.

Strength is that the focus is on connecting facts and history, not memorizing points. Course was hard in a personal way. It should be required, or something similar should be a required component to a liberal arts degree.

Provides insight not found in other courses. Unique presentation.

Great idea! Unique.

Had a lot of fun learning about who I am and where I come from. It's an easier course which gives more time for other classes.

Great professor! Very personal and interesting for every student. Should give grades on the preliminary essays. Very fulfilling.

Great instructor. Thank you for teaching such an interesting and unique course. The reader could be updated to include more recent and therefore relatable historical events and examples.