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A sample of anonymous student comments on ARTS 199, first-year seminar, "Cliques, Crowds, and Individuals," taught by Kenneth Westhues in Fall 2004, at the University of Waterloo

I loved this course. I only wish all of my other courses were like this one. It really forced me to see parallels to concepts, because they were not all laid out beforehand.

I was expecting something entirely different. I did not enjoy it because of the material and the way it was presented. Variety in work and readings would have been nice. Meaning projects, not 7 essays. I wouldn't recommend this course.

Pretty interesting and helpful class, full of discussions of texts. Definitely recommend it.

Westhues' passion for the subject was something that drove me to improve my work. The course itself is really interesting, and most of the material we had to read was quite enjoyable.

Strength was how it stretched our imaginations to make connections between works. Weakness was maybe not enough structure at times. A nice change from the rest of my classes. A great learning experience.

Very enjoyable, it's fun to learn other people's opinions on issues.

Strength was the discussions, good time to learn more about the assigned works, able to state your own opinions.

Very good course, follows along well with its title.

It is a good course, but we did not stay on topic most of the time.

Combination of psych, soc, and anthro, very interesting. I really enjoyed myself while learning a great deal.

Academic discussion in a smaller group very stimulating. Second half of class sometimes boring. A great experience.

A great way to study outside of the regular methods of school.

Excellent. I loved this class.

It was an enjoyable class that allowed lots of exploration.