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A sample of anonymous student comments on ARTS 199, first-year seminar, "Cliques, Crowds, and Individuals," taught by Kenneth Westhues in Fall 2002, at the University of Waterloo

A pleasant experience. A long night course leads to a tired and unenthusiastic class.

Good course to challenge students. Weakness was the ugly, distracting wood panelling in room 2086 PAS.

Best course I took this semester.

Great, very interesting, different perspectives I have not thought of, like the Working Centre.

Some of the books chosen for discussion were chosen because they were cheap. All of those books were terribly boring.

I enjoyed it. There were great discussions and no exam. Took a huge workload off.

Excellent, insightful, but too many books.

Excellent, loved the teacher, loved the material studied, loved the class.

It is a great course, students should be encouraged to take this because it is very different than regular courses. The emphasis is on expanding your capabilities as a writer, thinker, student, person of the community, not just grades.

This is an excellent course and I would recommend it to any first-year arts student.