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A sample of anonymous student comments on ARTS 199, first-year seminar, "Cliques, Crowds, and Individuals," taught by Kenneth Westhues in Fall 2001, at the University of Waterloo

I learned a lot from the prof, the readings, and other people's contributions. It provoked me to think and also improved my writing. It was really great.

Overall the class was terrific. I loved the class involvement.

Got to know people on a personal level. A lot of freedom involved. No strict schedule or time limits.

Has the potential to be the best class ever. It's up to the group of students to participate and engage Dr. Westhues in intelligent conversations.

I recommend that all first year students take a seminar course like this.

Very interesting, a good experience. Got to know teacher on a more personal level.

I found this course to be very interesting as it forced me to think of the effects people have on each other.

I really enjoyed this course. It was my favourite this term.

Not enough presentations in front of class.

It helped me to better come to terms with my own and other people's opinions on current events. A lot of fun, very different from any of my other classes.

It has potential with more discussion to be excellent.

Super interesting. Length of the class should be just a little shorter, 90 minutes instead of 110.