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A sample of anonymous student comments on SOC 101, Introduction to Sociology, taught by Kenneth Westhues in Winter 2005, at the University of Waterloo

I have no interest in this subject, but I must admit it wasn't a bad course at all.

It is fantastic to have a prof who you can tell actually enjoys teaching.

Strength of course is the value of a nonvocational education.

Excellent. I want to minor in soc because of this course.

Very informative. Forces you to keep an open mind.

Discussions were interesting, and I learned about the true meaning of education. This class was more interactive than any of my others, and grades weren't as important as actual learning.

Great class. Westhues says grades are not a reflection of the person -- but the tests I thought were unfair, in the fact that there is a word limit for each question.

Best class I have taken thus far. Thank you.

The prof has a great deal of respect for all his students in what they say in class.

Some questions on the test proved to be far too hard. Interesting but difficult course.

Mr. Westhues teaches this course in the best way. This could be dull without him.

Very good. Only thing would be to update some of the tables with more current information.

The interest in students is appreciated. You're not just a number in this class.

Good professor. Too many readings, too large a class for my liking.

Professor makes sure you leave the course having learned something about sociology and yourself.

This was the first course I've taken with so much interaction. I think it is very commendable that you take the effort to do this, rather than just feed your students information.

Just not relevant to my life. The articles were useless. I did not like it.

This class was a pleasure. The group presentations, though sometimes frustrating when working in a group, really brought unique perspectives to the class.

Excellent! Because of this course and its effect on me, I have chosen sociology as my major. Thanks so much Mr. Westhues!

I really like the course. Dialectical thinking makes you think rather than forcing you to cram material.

Excellent, interesting instructor. Yet some students learn better with a little more structure.

Great, just really hard!!

Strength is the professor, most educated and interesting, he values critical thought, probably the best prof I've had at UW.

Choice of Options A or B was a great strength to the course. Information pertains to everyday life. Wonderful course.

Interesting and fun. I am very glad I chose it.

Amazing professor who ties in real life situations to course material.

Too many online readings. Overall, very good.

For a science stucent, a good change in way of thinking.