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A sample of anonymous student comments on SOC 101, Introduction to Sociology, taught by Kenneth Westhues in Winter 2004, at the University of Waterloo

Weakness of the course: the disparity between the ease of the lecture material and the hardness of the exams.

The most engaging prof I have had the pleasure of learning from thus far.

Excellent, will recommend to others. The test is a little tough.

Readings should include articles with opposing viewpoints more often.

In the beginning I wasn't a huge fan but by the end it probably became one of my favourite courses so far.

The topics covered made me think and required me to form my own opinions instead of just repeating back information.

Rich learning experience, interactive, allows you to make your own arguments.

The prof is so excited about the material, he makes us excited, too. Topics cover a broad range. He teaches how to think, without telling us what to think.

A nice break from my science courses. The essay topics allowed for creativity and were fun to write.

Mr. Westhues is the kind of professor I expect when I think of a good university experience.

No spoonfeeding, but valuable information for later life.

I really enjoyed the course. Prof was good at maintaining interest and providing examples relevant to the course.

Too vague, needed more structure. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Excellent! One of the most valuable learning experiences in University thus far.

This course gets people to think "outside the box."

At some point I felt that the course was taught too much from the professor's point of view.

A good teacher, not a great course.

Eye-opening and mind-boggling.

Much more interesting than PSYCH 101. Thanks!

No one can fairly or honestly say they didn't come away from this course without learning something practical or useful.

Should be recommended as a "must take" intro course.

Pretty good. Better than I expected.

Prof was the best one I had this term: he was nice, he was a good communicator, and he always had something interesting to say.

Satisfactory. I would rather he had gone by the book.

Excellent -- I actually felt as though I was learning something, not just "being taught" as a number in a lecture hall.