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A sample of anonymous student comments on SOC 101, Introduction to Sociology, taught by Kenneth Westhues in Winter 2003, at the University of Waterloo

A lot of work, but a good course.

A unique soc course that challenges the way you think about the world.

It's a good course, but the style of his teaching does not work for me.

The multipile-choice questions on the test were a little too tricky -- not unfair, just tricky.

I learned a lot of things in this class, especially about how capitalism works and about family relationships.

It was eye-opening and interesting, but it took me until half way through it to realize that.

The presentations in Option B were very helpful for emphasizing the material covered.

Excellent and interesting, plus some aspects are applicable to everyday life -- unlike my technical courses.

I enjoyed this class far more than I expected to. I was hoping for an easy credit with little work, but I really feel I got something valuable out of it. I found myself paying attention from beginning of class to the end, which unfortunately is rare for me.

Amazing course.

The prof makes this course awesome.

K. Westhues is the greatest teacher ever to walk the U of W grounds.

One of the best courses I've ever taken, although the material learned will probably not help me in the long run (except for the thinking skills),

Mr. Westhues exemplifies what the text says education should be. I learned a lot more than just sociology. Thank you!

An informative and open-minded prof who is always willing to listen to opposing/differing opinions.

At first I was disappointed the course was so involved. However, I definitely got more out of this course than a textbook, multiple-choice class.

Professor is not intimidating and encourages reciprocal relationships.

Awesome course, but I went into the exam with too much confidence, and I feel that the complex wording of the questions was confusing.

I really enjoyed this course, especially because Mr. Westhues was very open with people's views and opinions.

I originally hated this course, but after I started finally understanding things, I appreciated it more.

My fave class to go to this semester. I'm sure Mr. Westhues has changed the lives of many students. He has facilitated my mind, opened it to new ideas.

Interesting course, the prof had a different approach to teaching than all my other profs.

Best course I've ever been in.

Professor was able to take a potential student-related disaster and turn it into a positive learning experience.

Emphasis on creativity throughout the course doesn't mesh too well with the method of evaluation on tests and exams.

One of the best courses I've taken, I gained a lot of knowledge and have retained a lot. Thank you, Mr. Westhues, for illustrating reciprocity at its best.