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A sample of anonymous student comments on SOC 101, Introduction to Sociology, taught by Kenneth Westhues in Fall 2002, at the University of Waterloo

Not an easy course but a great one. The professor was great and I wish all my profs were like him.

Great course, engaging and interesting. The inexpensive text was a plus.

I found it somewhat difficult to get a good mark in this class, which made it a little less enjoyable.

This was my favorite class. Some of the online readings are dry, though they are still valuable.

Alright. I would never take another soc course.

Fantastic course, more because of the instructor.

I thought Westhues is probably the best prof/educator I have ever had or will have throughout my university career.

Why would anyone in Math/Eng take Psych 101 when they could take Soc instead? I thought Soc was way better.

The grading was somewhat hard, but was fair for the most part.

A challenging learning experience.

Pretty good. I liked the class, didn't like the readings.

Probably my favorite class of the semester, and now I am seriously considering sociology as my major.

Good course, challenged me to think and not just memorize.

Interesting, very different from high-school sociology.

Okay, but prefer more concrete definitions to get a feel for future courses in sociology.

Caused me to think and create informed opinions. Instructor had thought-provoking questions and examples. Thanks for the wonderful learning experience.

Overall an excellent course, encouraged free thinking. The essay assignments were especially well designed.

I enjoyed the option of doing presentations. It was a great opportunity to interact with new people and actually discuss topics in more detail.

Good (if a bit rushed) introduction to the subject.

A lot of reading! But it was worth it.

Very general --- this is an inherent flaw of intro courses. Professor was by far the best I've had.

Class too large, not enough feedback on essays. Great overall job.

Good course. I learned to really look at things in a different way.

Great, I loved it. Best course I had this term.