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A sample of anonymous student comments on SOC 101, Introduction to Sociology, taught by Kenneth Westhues in Fall 2001, at the University of Waterloo

Professor Westhues is the best professor I have had and that is really important to me because this is my first year in university.

A good introductory course for frosh, far more interesting than some of my other courses.

Pretty unappealing.

Very good. I like how we had the opportunity to choose our path through the course and to be given the option to attain bonus marks.

Great course. Wonderful and insightful teacher.

Great. I learned that it is okay to voice your opinion.

I didn't think I'd enjoy sociology too much, but this course proved me wrong. Mr. Westhues treated us like equals.

Pretty boring, and the lecture material did not justify the content on the midterm.

It's up there in my favourites.

I enjoyed this course and feel that the workshops, options, and essay were all great ideas.

Excellent. I really enjoyed it and I am now seriously considering majoring in soc.

I found a number of the readings to be overly long and confusing. It's very hard to react to something I can't understand.

Extremely beneficial and worthwhile. The things I've learned here I can take with me into anything else I might do.

This was my favourite course all term. It's very interesting. Every aspect is different and intriguing. Thanks for a great course.

Good overview of general ideas in sociology. Would recommend.

It was okay. I had better first year profs. At times Mr. Westhues was insensitive to his students' opinions and needs.

A very demanding course, but enjoyable at the same time.

Opened my mind to view society and the world in a new light.

Westhues is a phenomenal professor. He is excited about what he is teaching and has a sincere desire to help us learn.

I learned an incredible amount, and developed my critical thinking abilities as well. Thank you for a great course.

Most inspiring course I've taken in 1 1/2 years of university. I was able to think dialectically and critically on important issues surrounding our lives.

Not my favourite because it lacked applicability to my life, especially the politics and economy info.